An upcoming retreat

OK, I'm cheating on this #NYCBlogClub thing... as a reminder, a group of us have challenged each other to post 1 blog post a week for 12 weeks. This, being Monday, is technically week 4 but I missed my week 3 post but I'm going to post it today and consider it week 3 ;)

I have a lot on my mind and a perfectly timed vacation starting this Thursday. I'm headed to Amsterdam again. I've been 12 or 13 times; I don't really know, I've lost count. People always ask me, why Amsterdam but the answer is as complicated as anything you love. It was the first European city I visited and instantly expanded my worldview. It was were I realized the United States is a baby compared to most of the world. Its the place I fell in love with art. After years of trying to understand art, I took a detailed tour of the Rijksmuseum which ended with me standing in front of The Night Watch and like an epiphany combined with a deep emotional connection it all just started making sense. Its an easy city to travel alone. Everyone speaks my native tongue (english), there are tons of other travelers looking to make friends and the Dutch are friendly people.

I sometimes use Amsterdam as a tool for my personal/mental health. I value creativity and can't imagine doing my job(s) well without it. I also find my creativity wanes as time goes on. I've more than once decided to take a last minute vacation there to recharge. The weather, the people, the world view, an apartment in the Jordaan, the cafes on canals and the art brings me home feeling recharged. But this trip is different... I'm feeling full of creativity and need to decide where to focus. 

So there will be a lot of scribbling and sketching in notebooks trying to figure out what is really important to me and what I want to spend my time on. Art Mischief had a good year but I find myself the lone member again. I'm finding my entrepreneurial & business interests fulfilled at Neo and I'm realizing I don't give back to the world as much as I like. I want Art Mischief to be a force of good and I have a few ideas on how to make that happen but each one will take an intense amount of focus.

Now, I get to find out if a trip I often use to let my mind wander can also be used to internally debate the things I want to work on in an effort to find focus.