So... I'm blogging. It's been a loooong time. Sure I had this popular post on Medium a few months ago, but that's the kind of blogging you do for work or to promote a product. This is different.

The last time I regularly blogged was around 2007 when I posted my last entry on The Daily Graze, a blog about my insights, theories and experience in the second wave of virtual worlds (i.e. Second Life). It's been fascinating to watch the excitement around the Third Wave of Virtual Worlds (i.e. Oculus) and the same ideas being discussed again. That blogging experience was both positive and negative. The positives were that I built an enormous amount of credibility which was good for my VR company but was even better for myself since I got to fly all around the world talking at Conferences. I even got to sit on a panel about Virtual Worlds and MMO's at Harvard with World Series MVP Curt Schilling. In the end we both ran our companies into the ground. That brings me to the negative experience of blogging. It turned out that a lot of the stuff I was shouting from the rooftops as the truths and wisdom of a 27 year old kid turned out not to be true. Or at least not true at that moment in time. Virtual Worlds crumbled and my opinions about sharing my theories online crumbled with it. I feel like too many people take blogs like Fred Wilson's as Truth instead of Opinion. I felt like my blog was a little like that at the time and I let people down.

But I like writing and I don't have many outlets to do it, so a blog feels right. I believe in Julia Cameron's Daily Pages, where just the act of writing daily opens up new pathways of creativity in the brain. I'm feeling like I'm in a highly creative period of my life and want to foster it and keep working at it. Creativity is like a muscle. We all have it but only some of us choose to exercise it.

i joined a group of creatives, technologists and entrepreneurs in NYC called #NYCBlogClub. The goal is to encourage each other to write one post a week for 12 weeks. I wanted to start writing and I found a peer group. I'm getting wiser as I get older. 

I'm writing this post from my iPhone while streaming Drake via Apple Music to a Bluetooth speaker. 2007 this is not.

I'll be blogging as me, which is a hybrid of Chris Carella and Chris Mischief. Chris Carella is my legal name but ironically it feels like my professional name. Chris Mischief is the name I use in the art scene, on creative projects and for my hobbies outside of tech. It feels more like me. I'll blog a lot about my identity, technology and the arts. The posts will be opinions and experiences but not advice or truths. I think even my closest friends will learn a thing or two about me in the next 12 weeks. Enjoy the ride. 🚀